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14. November 2023 Reading duration: 2 Miunten

Professionalized environmental management: Fink & Fuchs AG receives the Ökoprofit award for its main site in Wiesbaden

Taking sustainable commitment to the next level: after successfully completing the Ökoprofit environmental and climate protection program, Fink & Fuchs AG received the Ökoprofit award for its main site in Wiesbaden on 31 October. The communications agency is thus professionalizing its sustainability management as part of its comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Thanks to Ökoprofit, we have taken a big step forward in the development of our sustainability management. Together with our entire team, we were not only able to reduce our resource consumption and CO2 emissions last year, but also significantly cut costs despite rising prices. We will implement the next improvement projects developed as part of Ökoprofit in 2024. Most importantly, however, we are even better prepared for the upcoming requirements of the legislator and our clients,” said Alexandra Groß, CEO of Fink & Fuchs.

Award ceremony in Wiesbaden town hall

Together with Malin Christ, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Quality at Fink & Fuchs, and Stephan Fink, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fink & Fuchs, Alexandra Groß accepted the award from Gert-Uwe Mende, Lord Mayor of the State Capital of Wiesbaden, Christiane Hinninger, Mayor and Head of the Environment and Economy Department of the State Capital of Wiesbaden, and IHK President Dr. Christian Gastl.

At the 15th Wiesbaden Ökoprofit Award 2022/2023 in Wiesbaden City Hall, the focus was not only on awarding prizes to the companies, but also on providing insights into best practices. They show how the city and companies can work together to drive forward environmental and climate protection.

“Source: Environmental Agency, Wiesbaden, photo by Melanie Bauer”

Program for corporate environmental and climate protection

Ökoprofit is a nationally established environmental and climate protection program in which cities and companies work together to improve sustainability. The state capital of Wiesbaden was the first city in Hesse to implement the program in 2000. Participating companies and businesses of all sectors and sizes are supported in workshops and on-site consultation sessions in a cost-effective and practical way when getting started with corporate environmental, climate and sustainability management. In an established network, they also receive legal certainty on environmental issues and reduce their costs at the same time.

Within one year, the participating companies first analyze their environmentally and climate-relevant processes. Based on the data obtained, they draw up an initial carbon footprint. From this, they derive a strategy to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources and save costs at the same time. With external support, they then draw up and implement measures for the areas of energy, water, waste, mobility and procurement. The Ökoprofit program not only supports sustainable corporate management, but also raises employees’ environmental awareness.

Responsible, fair, sustainable

Since the firm was founded in 1988, Fink & Fuchs has assumed a special responsibility for exemplary sustainable business practices and a constructive approach to future issues. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have played a key role since the 1990s and are part of the company’s strategy. In addition to compliance, fair and responsible dealings with stakeholders and resource- and environmentally friendly business practices, this also includes involvement in research and teaching, association work and local environmental, social and cultural activities.

As part of its ecological commitment, Fink & Fuchs has been balancing all consumption and emissions data annually since 2021 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), thereby proactively anticipating a legal regulation. In addition, Fink & Fuchs has been CO2-neutral through offsetting since 2021. Since 2018, the communications agency has also been supporting the reforestation of the “Hohe Wurzel,” the highest elevation in the city area, in cooperation with HessenForst.

For small and medium-sized companies in particular, Ökoprofit is a low-threshold offer that makes it much easier to get started with environmental and sustainability management. It is gratifying that the city of Wiesbaden is promoting this offer so strongly and, above all, generously supporting the participating companies. Last, but not least, I am of course also pleased with how consistently the Fink & Fuchs team is tackling the issue and about today’s award for this achievement,” commented Stephan Fink, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fink & Fuchs AG.

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