Fink & Fuchs

Communicating the benefits and significance of new technologies and innovation has a lot to do with the perspective from which one views these developments.

Since we don’t want to just scratch the surface here, we have been working with various scientific institutions for years. Among them are:

The University of Leipzig

Joint projects/studies:
  • Innovation communication
  • Social Media Governance
  • Medium-sized company communication

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Joint projects/studies:
  • Survey on the topic of “Influencer Relations in the B2B environment”
  • Interviews on the use of influencers in the B2B environment

Fink & Fuchs is also a partner of the Content Strategy Camp “cosca,” a barcamp that takes place on the campus of the university.

European Communication Monitor

Fink & Fuchs is the digital partner of the European Communication Monitor. The European Communication Monitor is the world’s largest transnational study on strategic communication. It has been conducted each year since 2007 with more than 30,000 communication professionals participating in it.

Rhine/Main University of Applied Sciences

Joint projects/studies:

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Joint projects/studies:
  • Entry-level workshops on the topic of AI
  • Workshops on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in the HR environment

AI Federal Association

Fink & Fuchs is a supporting member of the largest network for Artificial Intelligence in Germany.

Joint projects/studies:
  • Workshops for members on the topic of innovation communication