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22. January 2024 Reading duration: 1 Minute

Fink & Fuchs takes over communication for the GovTech solution SocialCard

The GovTech company SocialCard has commissioned the agency Fink & Fuchs with its communication on the digitalization of cash processes in municipal institutions. The mandate, which focuses on innovation and political communication, includes media relations, support for stakeholder management and strategic consulting.

State and local authorities are currently looking for payment card solutions with which they can digitize and thus simplify payment processes for refugees, for example. Publ°k GmbH has set the first milestones in the still young business field of digitizing cash processes in municipal institutions with the SocialCard. The state capital of Hanover and the district of Ortenau introduced the solution just recently.

The goal of the SocialCard is to facilitate the payment of social benefits or other administrative processes for public authorities. To this end, the process is to be digitized and seamlessly integrated into existing payment transfer processes. The payment solution is based on a physical or digital Visa debit card with an individual IBAN. It can be used wherever benefit recipients do not have a bank account to which social benefits are usually transferred. The SocialCard is a flexibly designed solution that can be adapted to new political or legal requirements at short notice.

The dovetailing of innovation communication and a strategic approach to political decision-makers gives us the added value we need for successful positioning in this dynamic and discourse-driven market,” commented Joerg Schwitalla, founder and Managing Director of Publ°k GmbH in explaining the decision to work with Fink & Fuchs.

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