Fink & Fuchs

Playroom – that’s what we call our Innovation Labs in Wiesbaden and Munich.

Playroom – that’s what we call our Innovation Labs in Wiesbaden and Munich. But the Playroom is also this virtual place where we look at how technologies, trends and new methods are changing the way people deal with information and content. The Playroom is the attitude with which we approach new topics.

Rethinking working relationships

Meetings and workshops with our clients never run according to a specific pattern. The Playroom is modular in design and can be customized according to the requirements, goals and tasks. From design thinking to a walk-through methodology course.

Rethinking innovation

Our living room is the place in the Playroom where we view innovations in a temporal context. Looking at yesterday is the inspiration for tomorrow. The living room approach echoes a famous quote by Theodor Heuss:
“Only those who know where they come from know where they are
heading.” This approach works too: Pretty much everyone finds an attractive object there or notices how the special atmosphere triggers memories and special emotions. That is precisely the goal. We want to reflect together in this place on how we use technology: This helps us break down barriers and create an emotional approach to complex technologies and trends like AI. We call this approach the Retroperspective.

Here is the video for Retroperspective

Rethinking Storytelling

Complexity no longer instills fear when its function and benefits are explained. The FF Studio is the right place for this. This area of the Playroom is used for interviews, but events can also be streamed live from here. At the same time, the studio is the place from which we communicate change at Fink & Fuchs to our colleagues. We create new presentation experiences via green screen or use the studio as a location for photo shoots.

Here is the video to the Playroom Studio

Thinking ahead about Web3

With new Web3 technologies, the Internet is becoming spatial and thus walkable. The Metaverse is one of the most popular manifestations of this development. But it is also the topic that polarizes the most. We want to form our own picture of the Metaverse. That’s why we developed the virtual Playroom. Here we test which (new) forms of collaboration are possible in virtual space.

Here the video to Web3!