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06. February 2024 Reading duration: 1 Minute

Gauss Fusion: New client in the energy sector for Fink & Fuchs

With Gauss Fusion, Fink & Fuchs has gained yet another client from the energy sector. The company based in Hanau and Munich was founded by European industrial companies and brings together a unique combination of innovative scientific research and industrial expertise in the field of fusion energy. The deep understanding of technologies and future business models as well as the extensive network of multipliers were the decisive factors in deciding in favor of Fink & Fuchs.

The mandate includes Corporate Communications and Political Communications. One of the tasks is to initiate an effective discourse on future, climate-friendly energy generation and fusion energy in particular. The goal is to demonstrate the potential for Europe as a business location. The objective is to channel public funding into this technology, convince private investors and provide communicative and strategic support for the development of a complete industrial ecosystem. Together with Focused Energy, which Fink & Fuchs also advises, the goal is to achieve thematic leadership in this future energy. The two companies are to be perceived as driving forces and game changers.

Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator (Photo: © Christian Lünig /

Fusion energy will not only revolutionize energy production around 20 years from now and create a new energy era without geopolitical dependencies but will also help the world end its growing hunger for energy and its dependence on fossil fuels.

There is no more time to lose to achieve these goals. Fusion is now ready to be transferred from the laboratories to industry. The necessary framework conditions must be created for this. Our ambitious plans need to be accompanied by professional communication. After all, the technology is complex and requires explanation,” explains Milena Roveda, CEO of Gauss Fusion. “We deliberately chose Fink & Fuchs in order to give fusion energy greater clout in communication with politicians, investors and the media together with our fellow campaigners in the market.”

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